Imagine if everyone knew how to use their superpowers to make this world a better place...

The person 

Hi! I am Raíssa from Brazil. I believe in the power of groups and am passionate about humans and everything that makes us shine: from overcoming fear and suffering to learning about art, spirituality and entrepreneurship, or embracing vulnerability and love.

The context

It all started years ago, while studying at a Business School in São Paulo, I found myself (as did most of my colleagues) far away from living my passion. Seeing money and mainstream social beliefs ruling people`s lives and careers made me unmotivated and lost, but also gave me the energy to try to change it. Fortunately, during that time I had the opportunity to take part in several extra curricular activities and courses, one of which marked a turning point. It was an integral training on sustainability, where there were no teachers, but facilitators, no tests, but real life challenges, and a lot of work on self-knowledge. That was the first time that I got connected to what would become my biggest passions: group facilitation, human development and experimental learning. This not only saved my formal education, but led me to where I am now. From this point on, I worked my way deeper into these topics: not only learning about them, but by actively working in the field of education and human development and by facilitating workshops. 

The opportunity

During this process I noticed the "world" of self development was sometimes too serious for me, a little bit isolated from reality, and yes, also very expensive - making it too exclusive and therefore not so impactful.

And then I wondered: what if we could make self-development available and desirable for everyone, specially to the one's that would otherwise never get in contact with this topic. Everybody deserves to shine, so how to make this happen in an accessible and unique way? 

That`s when I saw an opportunity, and decided to start Coconut Academy! 

The idea

I want to identify and combine accessible toolsbest practices, and powerful resources to create and implement a kickass methodology, that is accessible and fun, to help individuals and communities overcome their fears, live with passion and generate collective change. To do so, I am designing and hosting workshops, experiences and smart reality games based on five principles. 

But I don't want to do this alone! This is why I am inviting other facilitators, artists, educators, leaders, etc. who can identify with the same principles to join me in this quest to make self-development more fun, uncomplicated and accessible!